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Inviting Muslims to Christ

Coffee and Conversation

Islam and Christianity


Let's talk!

Stimulating Coffee and Stimulating Dialogue

In many cultures, it is common to have deep discussions over coffee or tea. Some of these discussions may be brief, but often they can be more lengthy.

We hope you will stop here for a while and have a virtual cup of coffee or tea with us as we discuss a varitey of topics.

Fresh ideas

Just as the freshest coffee comes from the best and freshest beans, carefully roasted and served and shared with friends, so, too, the best conversations come from carefully thought out and respectfully presented ideas, often over a cup of coffee. In many cultures, conversation over a cup of coffee (or tea or a meal) is much more than having a coffee with someone, it is sharing of life and a way to discuss deeply what matters. A conversation can last for hours and often includes laughing and sharing, arguing and debating, all in a way that is respectful of the other persons in the conversation. So, we invite you to pull up a virtual chair and share a virtual  cup of coffee with us as we discuss Christianity and Islam, how they are similar, how they differ, and much more.

steeped in history

The relationship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam dates from Abraham in the Old Testament -Tanaka- to the New Testament and the Quran. This of course covers the entire expanse of human history from creation to our present day. The study or even a summary of this expanse of time is beyond the scope of our study. However, we have included several books it the Resource section that reviews the history of these interfaith histories.
The purpose of our site is to encourage an attitude of mutual respect for each faith that allows for each faith to live in peace and respect for the “other”.

Food for thought

The Lord God established a special covenant relationship with Abraham, with the aim of blessing the whole world (Gen.12:1-3). In Christ, the Lord God established the new covenant and the new creation, thereby addressing the effects of the Fall in all creation. This new covenant replaced one established at Sinai because it internalized and personalized the relationship between the Lord God and His People and because it was established by a better mediator (the Lord Jesus Christ) (Heb.9:15). In this new covenant, the wall between Jew and Gentile (Gentile being ALL people other than Jews in the world) is broken down and the two groups are made one new covenant community through the cross (Eph.2:12-19). “The old obstacles and hostilities that had made peace or well being impossible have been abolished (Gal. 3:26-29, Col.3:9-17). And the new community of salvation is a community of faith and freedom empowered and guided by the Spirit of Christ”
Who Can Be Saved? T. Tiessen pp. 88.

Great Discussions

The foundation and power that enables our discussion is based on the Love and Power of the Lord Jesus Christ as given to us in the New Testament.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)

Aruba - San Nicolas

Austria - Salzburg

Austria - Vienna

Australia - Melbourne

Bahrain - Manama

Bangladesh - Dhaka

Belgium- Jurbise

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

China - Beijing

China - Hong Kong

China - Nanjing

Costa Rica - Escazu

Costa Rica - San Jose

Cuba - Havana

Czech Republic - Prague

Denmark - Copenhagen

Domican Republic - Santo Domingo

Egypt - Cairo

El Salvador - San Salvador

England - Cambridge

England - Crawley

England - London

England - Oxford

Estonia - Talinn

Germany - Berlin

Germany - Dortmund

Germany - Düsseldorf

Germany - Frandfurt au Main

Germany - Hamburg

Germany - Munich

Germany - Wiesloch


Guatamala - Guatamala City

Hati - Port-Au-Prince

Honduras - San Pedro sula

India - Agra

India - New Delhi

India - Polokollu

Indonesia - Bali

Indonesia - Jakarta

Indonesia - Kuta

Israel - Jerusalem

Israel - West Bank

Italy - Brescia

Japan - Kobe

Japan - Osaka

Japan - Tokyo

Japan - Yokohoma

Kazakhstan - Almaty

Kenya - Nairobi

Korea - Seoul

Lebanon - Beruit

Macedonia - Skopje

Malta - Valetta

Mexico - Mexico City

Nepal - Kathmandu

New Zealand - Christ Church

Nigeria - Lagos

Norway - Oslo

Norway - Stavanger

Oman - Ghala

Pakistan - Islamabad

Pakistan - Karachi

Pakistan - Lahore

Pakistan - Peshwar

Panama - Ancon

Philippine - Manila

Poland - Warsaw

Portugal - Porto

Puerto Rico - Rincon


Russia - Moscow

Scotland - Glasgow

Scotland - Edinburgh


Slovakia - Bratislava

Spain - Madrid

South Africa - Cape Town

Sri Lanka - Colombo

Sweden - Lund

Sweden - Stockholm

Switzerland - Geneva

Switzerland - Lucerne

Taiwan - Taipei

Thailand - Bangkok

The Netherlands - The Hague

Turkey - Anatala

Turkey - Istanbul

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dabi

United Arab Emirates, Dubai - Jebel Ali

US Virgin Islands - St Coix

US Virgin Islands - St Thomas

Vietnam - Danang

Vietnam - Hanoi

Vietnam - Saigong

Ontario, CA

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Santa Margarita, CA

Atlanta, GA

Gainesville, FL

Colorado Springs, CO

Washington DC

Peoria, IL

Cedar Rapids, IA

Springfield, IL

Indianapolis, IN

Chicago, IL

New Orleans, LA

Louisville, KY

Notre Dame, IN

Annapolis, MD

Portland, ME

Boston, MA

Detroit, MI

Minneapolis, MN

Dearborn, MI

Columbia, MO

St. Louis, MO

St. Paul, MN

Princeton, NJ

New York, NY

Charlotte, NC

Cleveland, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Cincinnati, OH

Portland, OR

Tulsa, OK

Philadelphia, PA

Nashville, TN

Dallas, TX

Austin, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Huntsville, TX

San Antonio, TX

Tyler, TX

Richmond, VA

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